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Taking Aim Marketing specializes in clean, professional websites for business.

About our Websites

Does this sound familiar?

I have a website, but it is out-dated because I need to send my latest updates to my webmaster.

Or maybe this one?

I don’t know how to get a hold of the person that built my website to get some new things on there.

Perhaps this one?

My webmaster takes forever to update my website and I have to pay each time I want something new added.

We hear statements like this almost every day. We know the problems with traditional websites. This is why we design websites on a professional blogging platform that allow you to login and add anything you want to your own website, SAVING YOU MONEY!

It’s easy, we teach you how using online videos. Watch the videos as many times as you need to and update your own website anytime you have something new to add. You simply type your text, upload pictures, videos, sound files, etc., and click Publish – YOUR CONTENT IS LIVE ON YOUR SITE! (It’s that easy!)

We’re always available to help our clients. E-mail support is included with every package and YES, we actually get back to you in a timely manner.

You pay one low monthly support/hosting fee ($20), that’s it. You will never have to pay a webmaster to update your website again.  SAVING YOU MONEY!

(Of course, if you want us to update and maintain your website, we also offer complete update and maintenance packages. Not everyone wants to manage their own site.)

Search Engine Optimization

An important factor when hiring a business to design your web site is Search Engine Optimization. We design web sites that will be indexed by all the major search engines and also provide a professional appearance for your business. We believe sites need to be designed from a search engine perspective as well as from a human perspective. This means a web site designed by Taking Aim Marketing will be designed for search engines to find and index your website.

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