Auto Drain Filter/Regulator

How to Operate the Auto Drain Filter/Regulator

**Click on Image Below to Play Video**

Auto Drain Filter Regulator Operation


  • To set the air pressure:
  • Lift Black Knob so you can see the Orange Ring, then turn to adjust up or down
  • Set air pressure by depressing Black Knob
  • NSK recommends 35 psi max when using the Presto

This is an Auto Drain Bowl – meaning any water accumulated in the bowl will be automatically drained when the air pressure drops below 18 psi. When you first start your compressor, there will be a brief draining until the pressure reaches about 18 psi. Every time the pressure drops below 18 psi, the water will automatically drain from the valve on the bottom of the bowl. When the pressure is above 18 psi, the water will not drain.

***You will notice the pssst sound in the video each time the air pressure is below 18 psi.***

If you have any questions on the operation, please call Marcy or Russ at 801.798.6364 or E-mail:


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