How to Upload a PDF File, then Link to It

How to Upload a PDF File, then Link to It

Sometimes we want to upload an external media file such as a PDF file, or another type of file, then link to the file from within a blog post or a web page on our web site.

A good example of this would be if we wanted to create a Custom Order Form for our site visitors to print out. Another example might be that we want to link to a PDF E-Book so our site visitors can download it directly from our web site.

Here is the process to upload a file, then link to it from within a blog post:

1. Upload the file under Media – Add New

2. After Uploading, Copy the URL (location) of the file.

3. Create a new post

4. Link from within the post to the URL (location) of the file (step 2 above.)

The video below will walk you through the process:

Play the Video Below by Clicking Play in the Image.

The video is in WMV Format and will download in a New Window.

Play Video - Start Download

Start the Video Download

Keep in mind – you can only upload files less than 2mb in size through your wordpress dashboard.

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