2 Replies to “Adding, Deleting, Sorting Images using Nexgen Gallery Plugin”

  1. I have not had this problem in the past. When I try to Sort Gallery by moving the photos around, I click on Update Sort Order and they all instantly go back to where they were initially. It is very frustrating as I have attempted this at least 10 times in the gallery entitled “Museum Construction” on our website. Obviously I want those photos in the correct order. Can you help me? Do I have to rename them all first? They are numbered as well as named.

  2. Randy, I just tried it on one of my sites and this is what I did….

    Went to Gallery, manage galleries, clicked on the gallery to sort.

    Then I clicked on Sort Gallery. This brought up thumbnail images of the pics in that gallery.

    I can then drag them into the order that I want them. I left the selection as un-sorted.

    You can also sort them by name, or other options at the top of that page.

    Make sure you click UPDATE SORT ORDER at the top after putting them in the correct order.

    Hope this helps.

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