NextGen Gallery Help Tutorial

NextGen Gallery Help Tutorial

This tutorial video is for those using the nextgen gallery plugin. It shows you how to upload pictures to a specific gallery, insert a title and description for each picture in the gallery, and how to move or copy images from one gallery to another.

A client of mine in Australia, I won’t mention any names – (cough…cough…david..cough…cough…valleys guitars) – prompted me to make this video after he called my original tutorial video – $#%^t. He asked me to go slower and explain (thoroughly) what each step was and to make it big enough to see what is going on.

So, in order to make the video larger for easy viewing, I did not use youtube, instead I uploaded the video to my web server in wmv format. I also tried to go very slow and explain what each step was in this process.

My client (still to remain nameless) gave his approval, and told me I could remove the $#%^t tag.

Download the tutorial video here.

Thanks to David (oops) for the honesty.

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  1. Russ,

    That video is far superior to the others! You’re dealing with a program that has little contrast to help you show and tell and the video at least lets us see what’s going on better. Any chance you can do this for the others?

    Even when I have word press up it’s hard to define where to put my curser to get any action. I applaud your persistance in providing us with a better way to see things.

    Good job!


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