How to Recover a Deleted Image

Oops….I Deleted a Picture – How do I Get it Back?

It happens…..sometimes you delete a picture from a page or post that you didn’t mean to delete.

Once you upload a picture to a particular post or page within your wordpress web site, that picture is placed in a “gallery” for that post (or page). Therefore, is you accidentally delete an image from a post or page, it is not actually deleted. It is still in the “gallery” for that post, but it is not showing in the post.

All we need to do is open the “gallery” for that post and make the image show again.

The tutorial video below will show you how to get the picture back into your page or post without having to upload it again.

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How to Upload a PDF File, then Link to It

How to Upload a PDF File, then Link to It

Sometimes we want to upload an external media file such as a PDF file, or another type of file, then link to the file from within a blog post or a web page on our web site.

A good example of this would be if we wanted to create a Custom Order Form for our site visitors to print out. Another example might be that we want to link to a PDF E-Book so our site visitors can download it directly from our web site.

Here is the process to upload a file, then link to it from within a blog post:

1. Upload the file under Media – Add New

2. After Uploading, Copy the URL (location) of the file.

3. Create a new post

4. Link from within the post to the URL (location) of the file (step 2 above.)

The video below will walk you through the process:

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Using the “Insert More” Tag in a Blog Post

Hi Everyone…

Russ & Marcy LarsenThis is Russ Larsen from Taking Aim Marketing.  (I like putting Marcy in the pictures with me – it makes them look so much better.)

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the online webinar I presented for The I&E Network.

One of the questions that has been asked most, since I presented the online webinar is:

“How Do I Use The “Insert More” Tag in my blog posts?”

Using the “Insert More” Tag in a Blog Post

Q: Why should I use the “Insert More” tag in a blog post?

A: Often times, blogs are set up to show the latest post on the home page. When someone visits you home page, they are able to read your latest post. While this keeps your blog fresh and always changing, it also can stop your blog visitors from visiting the “interior” pages of your blog. If they get to read the entire post, right on the home page, why would they click to the “post” page? If they don’t visit the Post Page – they cannot comment on the blog post.

Therefore, using the “Insert More” tag is usually a good idea.

Below is the instructions on how to the “Insert More” Tag properly in a blog post:

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NextGen Gallery Help Tutorial

NextGen Gallery Help Tutorial

This tutorial video is for those using the nextgen gallery plugin. It shows you how to upload pictures to a specific gallery, insert a title and description for each picture in the gallery, and how to move or copy images from one gallery to another.

A client of mine in Australia, I won’t mention any names – (cough…cough…david..cough…cough…valleys guitars) – prompted me to make this video after he called my original tutorial video – $#%^t. He asked me to go slower and explain (thoroughly) what each step was and to make it big enough to see what is going on.

So, in order to make the video larger for easy viewing, I did not use youtube, instead I uploaded the video to my web server in wmv format. I also tried to go very slow and explain what each step was in this process.

My client (still to remain nameless) gave his approval, and told me I could remove the $#%^t tag.

Download the tutorial video here.

Thanks to David (oops) for the honesty.

Dashboard Customization – Basic Screen Options

Dashboard Customization – Basic Screen Options for your WordPress Dashboard

The video below shows you how you can customize your wordpress dashboard to show the items you use regularly and hide the items you don’t want to see.

This makes it easier to see the post or page you are creating, without all that other stuff getting in the way and taking up valuable desktop space.

These are just basic customizations, if you have further questions please e-mail us at

Editing Photos in Nexgen Gallery Plugin

How to Create and Edit Photo Galleries and Images using Nextgen Gallery Plugin

Includes how to create a gallery, add title and description to your gallery, insert your gallery into a page or post, edit thumbnails and more.

How to Remove a Picture from a WordPress Post

How to Remove a Picture from a WordPress Post

Sometimes you need to remove a picture from a wordpress post or page; this video will walk you through the process of removing the image.

Use this process if you have an image showing up twice in your carousels, or if you have an image in the carousels that is not displaying correctly.

Insert Images into Post

How to insert an image into a wordpress post. This includes inserting a horizontal rule line for separating parts of a post and creating spacing around images for text.

Also covers how to put a border around an image or remove a border from an image.

This process also works the same when creating a page.