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With the help of Taking Aim Marketing, my website has been up and running for six days. Once Taking Aim Marketing built the website frame with my vision (this was an excellent and creative process with Russ offering helpful suggestions and tips) I was able to add the content I wanted with the user-friendly software. I can quickly change any web page in minutes allowing my website to be easily updated and fresh. When I did have any questions (there were many), Russ was only a phone call or email away, and got back to me quickly.

In the short six days since my website has been active, I have generated SEVEN (as of a few minutes ago) confirmed sales directly from my website. Taking Aim Marketing has enhanced my business plan faster than I had planned for, and this is a good thing when you running a virtual retail business. 🙂

For any small business person wanting to expand their customer base and display their products and services you need a website to reach out and use the technology that Taking Aim Marketing can offer. Even if you are not that computer savvy, the Takingaim Marketing staff will help you make your vision a reality. Taking Aim Marketing has a great training video series and after watching a few of the informational clips, I was able on my own, to start adding the content I needed for my business on the website they built.

I have found in the short time I have had my website, that the key is to keep the information on your website fresh and current. This can easily be accomplished with the easy to use web designs by Taking Aim Marketing.

To reach your target customer audience you have to let people know you have a website. Just by using Facebook and going to a few group pages of the type of customers that my customers want and need, and introducing myself, I started to drive customers to my website. You can’t make a sale or display your services if no one does not know about you. So be creative and use the years of marketing experience that will be provided to you when you partner with Taking Aim Marketing.

My business plan has come alive and working above my expectations thanks to choosing a proven small business friendly partner in Taking Aim Marketing.

Do yourself a favor, and send the email or call Taking Aim Marketing today. Don’t waste another minute wondering what if I had my own website to show case my small business? It’s truly an easy and rewarding experience working and partnering with Taking Aim Marketing. If I can do it, I know you can as well. 🙂

Thank you Taking Aim Marketing, and especially Russ for all your encouragement, advise, and help with creating a website for my business. I can only image what my website will do for my business a month or even a year down the road, if just in the first week of my website going live I have made SEVEN (7) sales of my products I offer. I have already paid for the cost of my website in just six days!


Mark Bond



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