How to Edit a Page

How to Edit a Page in Your WordPress Web Site

Click the Image at the Bottom of this Post to PLAY VIDEOOne of the best features of using a platform such as wordpress for your web site is the ability to change anything on it at any time. As your business grows, your needs for your web site will certainly change. There will be times when you need to add items, and there certainly will be times when you will want to delete items that are already on your web site.

One of the things you will want to change is the pages on your web site. The video posted later in this entry – will show you the process.

Please note: PAGES are the core items of your web site for your site visitors. Pages will include the items that you want your site visitors to see in order to convince them to take further action. Pages may include your home page, contact page, about us page, photo galleries and more. Though search engines will rank your web pages, you will not get killer search engine rankings by continually updating and changing your web pages. Use your web pages for your site visitors (the actual ones that place orders and pay you.)

Play the video below to learn how to edit a page in your wordpress web site.

Blog posts are for keeping your site visitors up to date an all of your latest projects, tips, techniques, and everything else surrounding your market. Posts are how you keep your site visitors (and search engines) informed about everything surrounding your industry. This is where you establish yourself as a leader, an expert, in your market. Use blog posts to reach out and grab visitors, by adding content regularly. Don’t forget to link into your pages, from within your blog posts.

Pages and Blog Posts are created much the same way. You simply choose Pages – Add New or Posts – Add New from the WordPress menu.

In this video tutorial, we already have a web page created (the page was created by selecting Pages – Add New) and our page is LIVE on the web.

However, we want to now change the existing web page to be more targeted to our business and point our site visitors to the items we want them to see.

Click on the Image below to play the video. (Please note, the video is in WMV Format. It will take a few minutes to download on a high speed connection.)

Click Image to Start Video Download

Click the Image above to START THE VIDEO DOWNLOAD.

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