Live Webinar – Part 5 – Changed to Tuesday

Russ & Marcy Larsen

Web Site Webinar Part 5 – Working in the WordPress Dashboard

I have changed part 5 of my Web Site Webinar Series to tonight – Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. MDT.

In part 5, we will go into more detail about working inside the wordpress dashboard.

Tonight’s topics will include:

How to change your login password and profile

How to Paste Plain Text

How to Paste from Word

How to Update Plugins

How to arrange and work with Sidebar Widgets

How to create and add a Contact Form to your Web Site

How to Upload External Files – such as PDF Documents

An introductions to the HTML Editor – (very helpful when something will not align properly)

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If you are working on your wordpress web site – or just getting started – tonight’s webinar will help you with the above topics. All of these are items that you must understand and learn.

The recording will be available to all Taking Aim Marketing Clients – but if you want to attend LIVE – you can register below.


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