How to Setup Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Pages

Question: What is a Facebook Fan Page and Why do I need one?

Answer: A Facebook page specifically for your business, to separate your business from your personal facebook profile page. People will be able to find your business on Facebook and LIKE it, rather than sending you a friend request. Fan pages allow people to follow what your business is doing, without you having to approve them as a friend or see what they are posting on facebook. Your personal facebook profile page is used to share pictures of your family, friends, vacations etc., but your fan page is used to share information with your business contacts.

After you sign up for a Facebook Fan page, you will be able to post on your personal facebook page as yourself, and on your business Fan Page as your business – without the two overlapping. Business contacts will see what you post as your business and friends will be able to see your new puppy!

Plus: You are limited to 5000 Facebook friends. Fan pages are allowed unlimited Likes.

The video below will show you how to set up your Facebook Fan Page.

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After you set up your Facebook Fan Page, don’t forget to claim your Facebook Username and put a Facebook Like Box on your website! (Both videos are on the Video Tutorial Page to Show you how.)

This is Video #1 in this Facebook Series.