Facebook’s Step to Business Success

Facebook has just released their latest Facebook Steps to Business Success.

If you want to use Facebook to promote and grow your business, it’s important that you understand this information – especially the difference between your Facebook Account and Facebook Fan Pages.

I know – things change so fast in the world of Social Media that it’s almost impossible to keep up on. (I’m as guilty as anyone – I am following the steps and setting up my Taking Aim Marketing Fan Page Right Now! Here’s the link to LIKE – http://www.facebook.com/takingaimmarketing)

Important – Fan Pages are for business and have fans that LIKE them. Facebook accounts are for personal accounts and have FRIENDS. It’s important to understand that Facebook for business is different than Facebook for personal use and you need to understand the difference if you intend on using Facebook for your business.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page Video (this is a video I did a few months ago – some things are probably outdated (go figure!), but you’ll get the idea if you watch this video and read the Facebook Steps to Business Success.

To your success!