Webinar #1 – Recording – Avoiding Web Site Pitfalls

Webinar #1

Avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to getting your own web site.

An introduction to Taking Aim Marketing and an explanation of how and why we build web sites the way we do.

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Over the past 8 (or more) years, we have tried just about everything on the web to make a web site work for our business. We started by building our own web site (using one of those very simple, online editors). When we hit the wall on that adventure, and realized that our site was never going to do what we wanted it to do – or be found by anyone including search engines – we had to find a better way.

After years of searching, perfecting, and much trial and error – we have finally found a program that does all of these things.

The webinar recording above was presented to The Inspiration and Encouragement Network on April, 21, 2010.

It may help you understand some of the trials you will be up against as you start your quest to Build Your Own Web Site.

Other Webinar Recordings:

Webinar #2 teaches the following:

  • How to login to the dashboard of the new site
  • How to create a web page
  • Where web pages show up on the site
  • How to create a blog post
  • Where blog posts show up on the site
  • Why you should post new content regularly
  • How to create a photo gallery
  • How to manage images within a photo gallery
  • How to insert a photo gallery into a web page or blog post

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Webinar #3 teaches the following:

  • How to access all the buttons in the editor
  • How to back up your work
  • How to save a page or post
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of working in a web based program
  • Re-sizing pictures for your web site (shortcut)
  • How to properly structure a web page or blog post for search engines
  • How to schedule a blog post to publish at a future date

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Webinar #4 teaches the following:

  • Customizing the Dashboard (to fit your monitor)
  • Make Windows Larger – Minimize Left Column
  • Working in Posts and Pages
  • Toggle Full Screen – Insert Horizontal Rule Line – Using Spell Check
  • What to do when Something Won’t Work – Refresh
  • Spacing of Text – Formatting – Using Preview Function
  • Linking Text
  • Working with Pictures – Inserting, Linking, Borders, Spacing

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Webinar #5 covers the following topics:

  • How to Change your Password / Profile
  • Visual vs. HTML Editor
  • Pasting Plain Text into a WordPress Post or Page
  • Pasting from a Word Document into a Post or Page
  • Working with Sidebar Widgets
  • Updating Plugins in WordPress
  • Uploading External Files – then linking to them from within a Post or Page
  • Creating a Printable Form – such as an Order Form
  • Creating a Contact Form

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