Bonus Webinar – Live Post – Factors of SEO

Bonus Webinar – Working Live Inside the WordPress Dashboard.

This webinar was presented live on February 02, 2010 to The I&E Network.

In this webinar, you will see and learn the following:

  • Watch Russ create a blog post containing text, pictures and tags.
  • See the blog post Published live onto the web.
  • See how this post ranked #1 in google within minutes for keyword phrases.

That’s right – Custom Engraved Easter Eggs – ranked #1 within 2 minutes – LIVE.

  • 5 important factors of Search Engine Optimization and how to implement them into every post or page.
  • Proper Post Structure for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Why we use wordpress compared to html editors to produce web sites.
  • Review – re-sizing pics for the web, using the add more tag, the basics of a wordpress web site.

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How To Structure a Blog Post

How To Structure a Blog Post for SEO

I just posted a new post on Profitable Hobbies Blog. It is titled Engraving Glass Calligraphy.

In the post, I tell about Ken Brown and how he has combined his calligraphy skill with a high speed drill to produce amazing calligraphy engraving on glass.

Within just a few minutes, the post ranked on the first page in google for many different phrases including engraving glass calligraphy, glass calligraphy, glass calligraphy engraving – just to name a few.

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