Using the “Insert More” Tag in a Blog Post

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Russ & Marcy LarsenThis is Russ Larsen from Taking Aim Marketing.  (I like putting Marcy in the pictures with me – it makes them look so much better.)

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the online webinar I presented for The I&E Network.

One of the questions that has been asked most, since I presented the online webinar is:

“How Do I Use The “Insert More” Tag in my blog posts?”

Using the “Insert More” Tag in a Blog Post

Q: Why should I use the “Insert More” tag in a blog post?

A: Often times, blogs are set up to show the latest post on the home page. When someone visits you home page, they are able to read your latest post. While this keeps your blog fresh and always changing, it also can stop your blog visitors from visiting the “interior” pages of your blog. If they get to read the entire post, right on the home page, why would they click to the “post” page? If they don’t visit the Post Page – they cannot comment on the blog post.

Therefore, using the “Insert More” tag is usually a good idea.

Below is the instructions on how to the “Insert More” Tag properly in a blog post:

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