Why a Professional Blog?

One question that I am asked often is, “Why would I need a blog that I have to pay for, when I can get a blog free on the internet?”

Where do I start to list the limitations of Free Blogs?

  • Have you looked at the free blogging platforms? They let you choose from some samples, but they are very limited in what you can actually do. A professional blog is fully customizable.
  • Custom Permalinks – you need to control the way permalinks are structured on your blog to make sure search engines index all of your posts and return to your site often. Free platforms such as blogspot do not offer this level of customization.
  • You are attracting visitors to THEIR site. They let you blog on their site so your content will attract customers that they can then advertise to. You will notice many advertisements on most free blogging platforms.
  • You don’t own the content – it could be gone tomorrow and all your hard work will be lost.
  • Your blog is buried within millions of others – just another blog
  • Lame url such as www.yourname.blogspot.com – How are your customers going to remember that?
  • No support

Why get a Professional Blog?

  • This is your blog – totally customized for you
  • Clean, Professional appearance
  • Custom Permalink Structure for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Thousand of plugins to allow you ultimate flexibility
  • You own the content – it will always be there, no lost work or time
  • A professional blog runs on your domain – example: www.yourblog.com – no long URL’s to remember
  • Ability to accept payments online for products or services
  • SEO Friendly
  • Follows all Web Standards
  • Easy back end allows anyone to add content easily
  • It’s your blog – you control everything.
  • Ongoing support and training to help you accomplish your goals