Stats No Longer Working on Your WordPress Website?

There has been an update to Stats plugin.

If your stats are no longer working, you will need to install the latest version of the stats plugin, called Jetpack and link it to your account.

Below is a video showing you the simple steps to install the new version of the plugin and get your stats working again.

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Note: ┬áThere is no sound in this video – only the steps to install and link the plugin.



You will need to link the Jetpack plugin to your account. This is not your login to your website, but the login you created when your website was first set up. This is the one you set up in order to get the API key you sent me.

If you don’t have your login, please follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click to Forgot password link
  • Enter your e-mail address (this is most likely the e-mail you used before your website e-mail was set up)
  • Have send you the forgotten password or a link to reset it.

After you have reset the password, login to, then follow the steps in the video above to install the Jetpack Plugin for your stats.

If you need help installing the plugin, please e-mail me for help, but I will need your account login username and password. Please send them both with your request for help.