Displaying Photos – Nextgen Gallery Plugin in WordPress

Working with Photos and Ways to Display them using Nextgen Gallery Plugin in WordPress

Live webinar presented on August 25, 2010 – approx. 70 minutes.

Presented by Russ Larsen with Ron Snayberger presenting Photo Tips section.


In the webinar recording below, you will learn the following:

  • Tips for taking photos
  • Where to find photography information on the web
  • How to build an inexpensive light box
  • How to insert an image into a webpage or post
  • How to add a border to an image, change the display size, wrap text, add titles and descriptions, adding tags to photos
  • How to create a photo gallery
  • Uploading images to a photo gallery
  • How to display a photo gallery on a web page or blog post
  • How to order your images
  • How to re-size thumbnail images
  • How to add a photo to an existing photo gallery
  • How to delete a photo from a gallery
  • and more.

Watch the Webinar recording below by clicking on Image.

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Dashboard Customization – Basic Screen Options

Dashboard Customization – Basic Screen Options for your WordPress Dashboard

The video below shows you how you can customize your wordpress dashboard to show the items you use regularly and hide the items you don’t want to see.

This makes it easier to see the post or page you are creating, without all that other stuff getting in the way and taking up valuable desktop space.

These are just basic customizations, if you have further questions please e-mail us at contact@takingaimmarketing.com.