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If you need help adding something to your wordpress web site, please check the links below for a tutorial video.

If you have a question that is not covered in the video tutorials,  please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and request that we make a video for you.

Getting Started

Why should I use a Professional Blog instead of a Free Blog?

How to Sign Up for a Account

Where do I go to add to my web site?

Dashboard Customization – Making your Dashboard “yours”

Creating a Blog Post

How to link from within a Web Page or Blog Post

How to edit an Existing Web Page

Working with Pictures

Inserting an Image into a Page or Post

How to Remove a Picture from a Post or Page

How to Recover a Deleted Image

Adding Text to an Image (shown using Photoshop 7.0)

How to Post with Pictures using the Viva Zoom Plugin

NextGen Gallery Help Tutorial

Editing Images in Nextgen Gallery

Adding/Deleting/Sorting Images in NextGen Gallery

Working with Photos using Nextgen Gallery Plugin in WordPress (Webinar Recording – Ton’s of good stuff on Working with Images) 

Adding a Slideshow to Your Website

Adding a Portfolio Item when using the Canvas Theme

Customizing Your Web Site

Adding Links to other sites to display in the sidebar

Updating / Upgrading

Updating Plugins

Accepting Credit Cards – Adding Online Shopping using Paypal

Adding Paypal Shopping to your Website – The Long Way

Adding Paypal Shopping using WP Simple Shopping Cart Plugin – The Easy Way!

Webinar Recording – Adding Paypal to Accept Credit Card Payments on Your Website


Facebook Steps to Business Success

How to Set up Your Facebook Fan Page

How to add a Facebook Like Button or Facebook Like Box to your Website

How to Claim your Facebook Username

Other Helpful Topics

Using the “Insert More” Tag in a Blog Post

How to Upload an External File, Then Link to it from within a Page or Post

Managing E-Mail Subscribers (seeing subscribers, confirming, editing e-mail notifications, etc.)

Search Engine Optimization

How to Properly Structure a Web Page or Blog Post for Search Engine Optimization

How to Optimize Images for Search Engines

Complete Webinar Recordings

The links below are to complete training webinar recordings. They cover most common questions from getting started to creating web pages, blog posts, inserting photos, linking, adding photo galleries and more. They also walk you through many helpful tips and techniques.

Please refer to these Webinar Tutorials before submitting support requests.

Webinar #1 – An introduction to why we build web sites the way we do.

This is the place to start for an introduction on the history of Taking Aim Marketing and to learn what makes us different from most webmasters.

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Webinar #2 – Covers how to login to the dashboard, how to create a web page, how to create a blog post,  why you should post new content regularly,  how to create a photo gallery, how to manage images within a photo gallery,  how to insert a photo gallery into a web page or blog post.

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Webinar #3 – Covers how to access all the buttons in the editor, how to back up your work, how to save a page or post,  the advantages and disadvantages of working in a web based program,  re-sizing pictures for your web site (shortcut),  how to properly structure a web page or blog post for search engines,  how to schedule a blog post to publish at a future date.

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Webinar #4 – Covers how to make the wordpress dashboard appear the way you want it. How to make the editor window larger so you can see your page better. How to toggle full screen when creating a page or post, using spell check, what to do if something is not working right, how to use the Preview function,  how to insert a horizontal rule line – dividing sections of a page or post, how to link text within a post or page, how to insert an image into a post or page, more about working with images – borders, spacing etc. and how to paste plain text and pasting from word (removing formatting) .

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Webinar #5

  • How to Change your Password / Profile
  • Visual vs. Html Editor
  • Pasting Plain Text into a WordPress Post or Page
  • Pasting from a Word Document into a Post or Page
  • Working with Sidebar Widgets
  • Updating Plugins in WordPress
  • Uploading External Files – then linking to them from within a Post or Page
  • Creating a Printable Form – such as an Order Form
  • Creating a Contact Form
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Bonus Webinar

  • Watch Russ create a blog post – LIVE
  • See how the blog post ranks on the first page of google within minutes
  • Proper Structure of a blog post or page
  • 5 factors of Search Engine Optimization and how to use them
  • Why use wordpress instead of an html editor?
  • How to re-size photos for web pages
  • How to get site visitors to where they can comment – add more tag
  • Review the basics of a wordpress web site
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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words – Working with Images in WordPress Webinar

Everything about images – how to insert a photo into a webpage or blog post, adding border, spacing, text wrap, titles, descriptions, tags, creating a photo gallery, ordering photos, displaying options, adding a photo gallery to a webpage or blog post, adding photos to a gallery, deleting a photo from a gallery and more.

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Adding Paypal Shopping to Your Website to Accept Credit Cards – Webinar Recording

How to sign up for a Paypal Account for Business. How to create products in your paypal account. How to put the Paypal buttons on your website and how to use the WP Simple Shopping Plugin to make it simple to accept credit card payments online.

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