Level 5 – Complete Site w/Blog

Level 5 – Complete Web Site Package with Professional Blog

Level 5 is our most complete Web Site Package. It includes a Level 4 – Complete Web Site and a Level 3 – Professional Blogging Platform – all in one. This combines the best of both worlds, allowing you unlimited control of your web site.

You will have the ability to add pages, add blog posts, add pictures, photo galleries, text, videos, audio files, e-commerce – whatever your site needs to keep your visitors returning again and again. Your web site will have the ability to rank high in all search engines for any term you want to target. You are in control.

You will also have our ongoing support plan (only $19.95 per month) which will make sure you are never left wondering how to do something on your site.  We will help you make your web site exactly what you want it to be. Want to add something special? Just ask us how, then we will show you the options. (additional fees apply for custom coding and application integration, but most things can be accomplished by us simply teaching you through our support plan.)

The Web Site portion of your site will contain up to 15 (search engine optimized) pages of content. You simply fill out a form and send in your pictures, we’ll do the rest.  We will also set up custom e-mail address for you – such as yourname@yourdomainname.com – making it easy for other to contact you. You will never have to worry about domain name registration fees or hosting – it is all included in our support plan.

Examples of Level 5 Sites – (Sorry this option is NEW, so we don’t have many to show yet)

Valleys Guitars Taking Aim Marketing

Once your site is up and running, this is where the Professional Blogging Platform comes into play. We will show you how to blog about your industry to establish yourself as an expert and build credibility with potential customers. This will also provide links into your web site – which equals Search Engine Rankings and more visitors finding you on the web. Most web sites struggle to rank in the major search engines because they simply put up a web site, then walk away. This is not how it works. Sorry. You have to give your customers and potential customers a reason to return to your site. You have to establish your credibility in your industry so site visitors will trust you and begin to recognize your name. You must get links to your web pages in order to rank and continue to rank over time in the search engines. If you don’t, your site is just another sign in the middle of the desert.

This is the “real” way to earn your way to success. Don’t fall for the e-mails and phone calls promising to get you ranked in 100 or so search engines. There are no shortcuts. They simple either don’t work, or work for a very short time. Period.

The Professional Blogging Platform will also allow your site visitors to interact with you right through your site. They will be able to comment on pages and posts and even subscribe to your RSS feed. This way, they are notified each time you add something new to your site – without you having to do anything!

Limited Time Offer Only $1799.00

(plus $19.95 per month for support plan)

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