Level 2 – Starter Web Site

Basic Website Setup includes the following:

  • Domain Name Registration (www.yourdomain.com) for one year.
  • E-mail Setup (yourname@yourdomain.com)
  • Website Install / Design / Setup
  • Plugin Install / Setup (site stats, comments, auto site backup, etc.)
  • 3 web pages (most of our customers choose to display a home page, about us page and a contact page at this level)
Only $299
Once your website is ready, we create you a login to the dashboard. At this time, your support plan of $20 per month (or $220 if paid yearly) begins and you can start adding to your own website.

The purpose of this package is to:

1. Secure your domain on the web.

2. Provide a web address for you to put on your business cards.

3. Show your customers what it is that you can do for them.

4. Provide your customers with a way to contact you.

5. Provide your customers some more information about you to establish a relationship with them.

6. Start with an optimized starter site that can be easily expanded as your company grows.

Here are some examples of Level 2 Sites:

Larry Gibson Studio Steve Persing Studio Sharon Ross Studio
Daniel Harman Studio Beck's Artistic Glass Studio Marsha Hastings Studio

Get Started Today for as little as $299

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